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Updated March 22, 2024

by John Strozier

You should have an SEO audit before launching any website. If you are about to redesign your site, you can save a lot of time and money by investing in an SEO website Audit. The website audit informs the construction of the website. The Audit gives a blueprint for the site content, navigation, and internal linking. The purpose is so your site ranks and delivers consistent income.

An SEO Audit creates the blueprint for a proper website that ranks.

SEO Audits create the blueprint for proper website information architecture. Website information architecture creates ranking sites and a high-quality user experience. Proper information website architecture matters a lot!

So what is Website Information Architecture?

Website Information Architecture is the backbone and the foundation of any website. Website Information Architecture identifies the pages that need to be built. Moreover, it determines the content on each page that is necessary to rank. Also, proper information architecture develops strategic content which communicates directly to your ideal clients.

How does Google understand the 130 trillion web pages they index?

Google has indexed over 130 trillion website pages. Google uses Google bots to understand a website and web pages. The algorithms rank the site based on the information gleaned from the Google bots. The first thing a Googlebot crawls on a website is the URL.

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Why should you care about properly organizing information on your website?

Just by organizing the URL’s correctly, you can help Google’s algorithms understand what your website. Using the correct keywords, topics, search terms in the URL’s gives a website clarity. Properly organizing web pages and internal links between pages can provide Google bots a clear picture of a company.

What happens to an unorganized website?

Unorganized website architecture adds confusion. If Google’s search engine is confused about a website and web pages, it is unlikely to rank the website or pages above a rightly organized site.

Well constructed websites most often rank above lesser sites.

Google has stated best practices for websites. Web designers and developers that understand proper website architecture and Google best practices have an advantage to web developers who do not follow Google best practices. Also, most web developers do not know proper information architecture. Web development and SEO are two different disciplines.

Your website is one of more than 1.8 billion sites indexed by Google.

There is much uniformed information on the internet. Google is currently indexing more than 1.8 billion websites. Google’s algorithms are determining which sites and pages should rank. Their stated task is to make the most relevant web pages rank for search queries. If you help Google understand your website and content. By organizing the information in such a way, it is easy to understand by Google’s search engine. Your site gets rewarded by ranking better than unorganized websites.

Does your site rank with consistent targeted traffic?

Your website looks excellent yet; if it’s designed incorrectly, it might never rank or produce quality targeted leads.

Website SEO Audit, Information Architecture case study.

A client came to me after he built a website and paid for it. The site was poorly constructed. The Information Architecture was nonexistent.

Their site had too many pages with thin and duplicate content. There were pages which were just links to other pages. No website silos were created. The web designer did not know Google best practices or basic SEO. The website was not built to be search engine friendly.

A client spent a lot amount of money redesigning their company website which was not ranking and was never going to rank. Their business is located in Washington DC in a competitive niche. They designed the site without consulting anyone knowledgeable about website Information Architecture. They designed based on their aesthetics solely.

I felt terrible for him. We informed him that we had to start from scratch and redesign the architecture of the website. We were able to keep the look and, feel of the website. However, it took two months to redesign the site based on proper web information architecture.

The mistake cost my client extra time and money. He had already paid for the website which was never going to rank in the heart of DC in a very competitive industry. If he came to us early in the process, we could have worked with the designer developing the site. We could have shown him the errors he was creating in building the website and saved the client money and time. It took about two weeks to inform the client about the importance of website architecture and the relationship to ranking and client acquisition.

Case Study Result

The client didn’t invest in a website SEO audit before the site was built. Not investing in an SEO audit before the site was built increased his coast. The site launch was pushed back eight weeks. The business lost money. The new website designed properly ranked and delivered consistently targeted customers.

The site ranks to this day, four years later. The business is located in the center of Washington D.C. It has generated much revenue for the client. Ranking for the service which brings in the bulk of their income. Moreover, the site ranks for all services offered. It is in the top of three pack for all services to this day.

Website designers and developers most often DO NOT understand SEO and Website Optimization. I have seen many sites which have significant ranking challenges.

Save money and time before you redesign a website, get a website audit.

You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. We meticulously review your website architecture. We do extensive keyword and query research. We analyze the semantic relevance of topics and content. We understand your business and your competitors. The website audit becomes a blueprint for your websites’ architecture, content, and user experience. After a complete website audit, we designed the architecture of his website down to the semantic architecture of each page.